2023 GCBSR

2023:10:05 08:03:12
GPSLatitude – 39 13 56.459999 GPSLongitude – 76 32 56.610001
[Duncan Hood]

On the way to the start, south of the William Preston Lane Jr. Memorial Bridge.

10/05/2023 11:23 [Chris White]

10/05/2023 11:52 Lining up for the start with our good friend

10/05/2023 16:59 Sunset illuminated main staysail on a beautiful evening with light wind.

10/06/2023 The full trip to Solomons.

The westerly breeze from the start died around Bloody Point Light where we worked to get around the shallows. It filled in slightly from the SE for a port tack through the night. Around 0900, with wind falling below 3 knots and JOLLY DOLPHIN drifting northeast, we withdrew just north of Cove Point.

10/07/2023 14:18 Moored in Solomons at Zahniser’s
[Rayned Wiles]

On the return leg from Solomons to Herring Bay the wind was strong from the west so we bounced along with all three sails reefed.

10/09/2023 07:34 Returning from Herring Bay to the Magothy River