New Year’s Eve 2023

A Beautiful clear morning.
[Matt Jensen-Young]

At 5 bells in the Forenoon watch with eight intrepid souls-on-board we set out on the Magothy River.

About noon (black marker) someone on shore captured JOLLY DOLPHIN setting the Jib, Foresail and Mainsail.

The breeze was down river so out to Baltimore Light we go, eventually wing and wing: setting the Mainsail on one side and the Foresail on the other.

On the way to the River entrance channel we had a chance to learn about the information that even modest electronics provides.

[Matt Jensen-Young]

By the afternoon the ‘breeze’ fell off outside the entrance to the Magothy. Sailing the wind we fell off towards Cape Saint Claire.

After we gybed near the Light we reached to the channel entrance (marker) and continued our downwind ride upriver. The wind had shifted to the Southeast but it was still light.

On the way back upriver to Riverdale.

[Stacy Spaulding]

Happy New Year!

Moored in the slip after a great day.