Steering Linkage

Emil said that JOLLY DOLPHIN had bent ends on the 1″ drag rods that dropped loosely into the brackets that were fastened to the rudder He had modified the setup with truck ball joints to eliminate some of the slop in the 1970’s. This is how JD steering was in 2007. After 13 years of head scratching the rusty brackets are now in the museum.

July 2, 2014, Generation III Marina, Cambridge MD
Ken and Mike adding spacer blocks to original brackets

July 10, 2023 Haulout at Gibson Island Boatworks
The rusted 1970’s brackets with truck ball joints that replaced the original bent rod are top of the list for replacement in this work session.

Truck ball joints and 1970’s brackets removed

Plywood patterns

New Stainless Steel Brackets and Heim Joints