New season, New sails




This week JOLLY DOLPHIN had the opportunity to take middle and high school students on spring field trips for the Eastport Yacht Club Foundation and the National Sailing Hall of Fame. In six short outings with the new sails we did not have enough wind to shake out the wrinkles. However, moving 16 tons under sail at 2 knots with less than 7 knots of air was remarkable.

Sailmaker Dave Bierig graciously included me in working on some of the hand sewing that makes these sails suit the time period of the JOLLY DOLPHIN. We completed them in late April in his loft on the Erie, PA waterfront. This side of the city, that I did not know existed when I visited my grandparents on summer trips 40 years ago, now has new meaning.

This is a photo of the jib when I started Monday morning


Dave’s loft, looking towards the bench at the windows that I occupied for a full workweek


Looking towards the loft building across Presque Isle Bay, tucked next to recent waterside condominiums