I was riding my bicycle across the Naval Academy bridge around noon today when I saw a three sail bateau heading up river, and I said to myself there is only one boat of that type in the area. Sure enough the Jolly Dolphin revealed herself when she got closer. Looked like you had STEM students aboard. I thought you would enjoy this unusual view of your boat so I waited until you were about to pass under the bridge.

Yes indeed, and what a day! This was the second STEM student trip today for the National Sailing Hall of Fame. I never got in the groove for the morning sail because I underestimated the traffic volume for the Naval Academy graduation and was an hour late getting the boat ready. After we got the bugs out we had a nice first sail well south into the Bay, past Tolly Point with just the jib and main. It was shifting and puffy so we had to power smartly back in for the student’s 1030 meal call. I didn’t want to stress with a second group of new boaters aboard so I decided we’d start by getting them to practice steering going upwind under power in the Severn River. That way we could return downwind more easily so they could catch their buses back to school by 1330. What I did not see in any published schedule for the Academy events was that the U.S. Coast Guard would establish a temporary regulated area for the whole width of the river until the Vice President left after his commencement address. No boats were allowed up or down the Severn  for about an hour and a half, just after we passed under the bridge.  The USCG orange boats appeared and we had an extended jog back and forth with just the foresail in winds gusting to 28 knots.